Zen and The Art of Driving For Your Kids

Zen and The Art of Driving For Your Kids

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School’s almost in session, Mid-Mo! We’ve got a few months of adjusting to new schedules, figuring out what’s missing from our school supply list, and early AM drives with kids who’ve been used to sleeping past noon. That morning commute to school can be difficult for you and your children, but we’ve got some tips on combining zen and the art of driving.

With some preparation and a good attitude, you can make driving your kids to school an enjoyable experience.

With a little bit of preparation and a good attitude, you can make driving your kids to school an enjoyable experience. When possible, choose the safest route for your child's school. If an alternate route is shorter or safer than the one suggested by Google Maps or your phone, use it! Also, remember to plan for construction zones and other hazards that could cause traffic problems.


Be prepared for any number of things: traffic jams; breakdowns; flat tires; sick kids; carpool guests who want snacks on the go. Plan and bring along some healthy snacks like granola bars or fruit cups in case someone gets hungry while sitting in traffic (best to keep them in a go-bag rather than in a car, since it’s still so hot!). 

Create a system for ensuring nothing is left behind (such as their backpacks, gym shoes, reading logs, etc.).

Does anyone else get all the way to school just for your little one to tell you they left something behind (and yes, it’s something they can absolutely NOT go without!!)? Create a ritual or system that reminds you to get everything you need before heading out the door. This could be a sticky note on your visor that prompts you to ask the do we have everything we need question or a hanging rack right by the door with all of the needed things.

Keep a strict car maintenance schedule.

So you’ve broken down in the carpool plane…was there a way this could have been prevented?


Okay, hopefully, none of us will be in this situation this year, but it’s definitely not impossible. An oil change being needed before you take the kids to practice, a busted A/C that has you all sitting in piles of sweat, or a tire emergency on the side of the road before school are all scenarios that can occur if you don’t keep your regular maintenance schedule. Don’t forget to check your tires, get oil changes, and pay attention to your car's needs!

Have something in the car to entertain them, such as music or an audiobook or podcast you can all listen to. 

When you're driving with your kids, it's easy to get caught up in the chaos and forget about what they need. If there's one thing that can help keep everyone happy and focused during car rides, it’s music. You could also opt for a shared audiobook (something appropriate, of course) or a kid-friendly podcast. 

Finally, before you leave the car, take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the day.

Before you leave the car (or send your kiddo on their way), take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the day. Having a quick moment of zen with your child before they go off and spend their busy day with friends and teachers will serve you a meaningful reminder of what’s really important in this life.

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