Over time, your cars timing belt begins to weaken and has to be replaced. If your timing belt breaks it can destroy your engine. Call us if need help figuring out when your cars manufacturer recommends replacement of your timing belt. If you don’t know if your car has a timing chain or timing belt give us a call.

We service Most Makes and models

At The Auto Shop, we have made the investment in high quality tools for all timing belts. If you drive a gasoline engine Domestic, European, or Asian vehicle, our team has the capability to service any type of automobile.


We are ASE Blue Seal Certified. We have an in house ASE Certified Master Mechanic. Whether you need a timing belt replaced, or engine repair because of a broken timing belt, our experienced team has the training and knowledge to diagnose and fix any problems you have with your car or trucks timing belt.

Call us or stop by our shop at 612 Missouri Blvd Court behind Lee’s Chicken and meet our team.