Oil Change Service

Your engine is the heart of your car and changing it’s oil on time every time can keep it on the road longer save you thousands of dollars in repair bills.

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Does your vehicle need an oil change service soon? Please bring it to the auto repair experts at The Auto Shop in Jefferson City! Our auto mechanics know how to treat you, your family, and your car with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Everyone knows by now the importance of getting an oil change service. Your car’s moving parts need lubrication, and the oil system is crucial to keeping things moving. You could bring it to any auto repair shop in Jefferson City, and most would do competent work for you. That’s good, but is that good enough for your car? Our vision at The Auto Shop is to be the most loved auto repair shop in the Jefferson City area-- small enough to know you well and yet large enough to serve you well. When you bring your vehicle to our auto mechanics, we go above and beyond your standard oil change service.

Our Loyalty program means that every 6th oil change is free. With all of your oil changes, we perform a free multi-point Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI). With this DVI, we can assess any upcoming auto repair issues with your vehicle that could lead to damage out on the road, sent to your phone or email with pictures or video documenting your vehicle’s flagged issues. Our auto mechanics then give you a recommended timetable for resolving these issues to keep you safely ahead of trouble. You’ll find our computer diagnostic work, tire service, and courtesy van service on a level unlike any other shop in Jefferson City. And you’ll have the certainty of our 3-Year, 36,000-mile Nationwide Warranty to protect the investment you’re making in your vehicle. Just take it from one of our 5-star client reviews:

A great experience! We all hate getting repairs done to our vehicles-- the money and time all of it is a hassle. But The Auto Shop made it a somewhat better experience because, to be honest, unless someone does it all for free, there will always be bad parts! After the initial inspection for the things I needed looked at, they sent a text with a link to my car and all of the issues (good and bad) that they found. I thought I was going to need all four tires replaced. They said only two were crucial. That was great! I needed an oil change; they sent back pics of the air filters that needed changing. There were videos and explanations for everything, good and bad. They could have milked me for a lot more money, but they didn’t, and that means a lot.” -- Kevin F.

We’re a family taking care of families in Jefferson City. Bring your vehicle into The Auto Shop the next time you need an oil change service! Our auto mechanics will give your car an inspection and an early warning on any auto repair needs your vehicle may be approaching. Please make a reservation today! You’ll find our shop at 612 Missouri Boulevard Court, Jefferson City, MO, 65109. Our shop hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM. You Auto-know, and you always will-- that’s the Auto Shop guarantee!