Every year in the US roughly 300,000 auto accidents per year are caused by brake failure.*

Don’t put your family at risk by ignoring the warning signs of worn or damaged brakes.

Educate yourself on these warnings of brake failure:

  • Brake warning light or message

  • Screeching noises

  • Vibration when stopping or slowing

  • A spongy pedal instead of firm pedal

  • Burning odors

  • Pulling to one side

  • Brake fluid leaking

Before you experience any of these warning signs have your brake pads and rotors visually inspected at oil changes and tire rotations for free.

At our shop when we replace brake pads and rotors we use premium products that come with a 2 year warranty that covers warped rotors and the labor cost to replace them.

*According to the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration


We are ASE Blue Seal Certified. We have an in house ASE Certified Master Mechanic. Whether you need a timing belt replaced, or engine repair because of a broken timing belt, our experienced team has the training and knowledge to diagnose and fix any problems you have with your car or trucks timing belt.

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