Computer Diagnostic

Did you know that computer diagnostic testing is one of our superpowers here at The Auto Shop in Jefferson City? It's true! Not only do we have young, tech-savvy auto mechanics who love to problem-solve, but we also have an incredibly experienced computer diagnostic technician who is so into diagnostics testing that he holds a patent on a scanning tool. When it comes to computer diagnostics and resolving your vehicle's issues, your best bet in Jefferson City is the auto repair team at The Auto Shop!

Computer diagnostics are not always easy. Today's modern vehicles are like computer networks on four wheels. Gone are the days where auto mechanics are known as "grease monkeys." Because the average car holds between 30 to 100 computer modules accompanied by 60+ sensors, your car needs tech-savvy, problem-solving experts that can interpret the output of codes your car produces when there's an issue. Since computer diagnostic testing is our strength and we enjoy getting to the bottom of each computer-related problem, you can feel confident your vehicle is in good hands with our auto repair team in Jefferson City.

At The Auto Shop, we take pride in our mechanical and computer diagnostic testing capabilities. We are lucky to have an enthusiastic, youthful team of auto mechanics that enjoy looking at oscilloscope patterns and finding the heart of your car's problem. Not every auto repair shop can claim that. Our passion and enthusiasm for providing loving care to every client shows when you see customer reviews like this one:

"Very picky about car repair shops - VERY glad I found this place. We just moved to Jeff City about 6 months ago. Have been to 2 other shops before I found The Auto Shop. Very friendly, very thorough, very customer service oriented - you can tell they care about their customers and their vehicles, and are in this for the long term - happy people come back! Seriously can't believe everything they checked out on each of our 2 vehicles for "just an oil change" - which makes me feel much more aware of what is happening with the vehicles, and what needs to be done. Some needed NOW attention, some for down the road. Looking forward to being a customer here for a long time!" -- T.D.W.

When your personal or work vehicles need repair and service, we encourage you to make a reservation. You'll find The Auto Shop at 612 Missouri Boulevard Court, Jefferson City, MO, 65109. Business hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM. If you ever heard our radio jingle from years past, "You Auto-know, and you always will. That's The Auto Shop guarantee!" We look forward to taking great care of you and your vehicle soon!