Three Reasons We Love Hybrid Vehicles

Tim Meyer | @timm.jpeg onUnsplash

How do we love hybrid vehicles? Let us count the ways.

It may seem funny that we wax poetic when talking about hybrids, but we promise we're not crazy. We're just crazy about hybrids!

Here are three reasons why The Auto Shop team loves hybrid vehicles.


  1. We believe they are the cars of the future.

  2. They are an essential component in battling climate change.

  3. Our technicians have trained extensively on hybrid service and repair -- and they still love them!

Climate change is an ongoing conversation that will not stop anytime soon. Hybrid vehicles' creation was an ideal solution that bridged the gap between gasoline-powered engines and electric vehicles. Yes, electric cars will quickly become more common, but the fueling infrastructure has not yet grown to fully support a 100% EV road scape. As we slowly phase out gasoline-powered engines, we will gradually lose gas-only fueling stations. Until then, hybrids are the vehicles that will satisfy transportation needs for many decades to come.

Because we are tackling climate change, nations worldwide have become more aware of their carbon footprints. When you own or drive a hybrid vehicle, you help Mother Nature out by reducing emissions and enhancing fuel economy. Most car manufacturers are moving toward hybrid or electric cars, and by 2030, you will not be able to purchase a new traditional gasoline-powered vehicle. Fans of gas-powered cars will still be able to buy used cars, of course, but the infrastructure will be more focused on providing alternative fuels. 

As a result of these trends toward hybrid and electric vehicles, The Auto Shop team is prepared to usher them in with outstanding service and repair. We hire up-and-coming automotive technicians who are excited about the future of automotive technology. That is why, when presented with the opportunity to become certified in hybrid vehicle service and repair, they jumped at the chance. These young technicians are eager to study emerging automotive technologies, and we are thrilled to have them on our team.

If you own a hybrid vehicle or manage a fleet of hybrids, we invite you to The Auto Shop in Jefferson City. Though we love talking about hybrid cars, our auto mechanics team is happy to assist you with all kinds of general auto repair and tire service. If your vehicle is due for an oil change or factory-recommended service -- regardless if it's a hybrid or gas-powered car or truck -- we invite you to schedule an appointment

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