Spring’s Coming-- Have You Checked Your Car Yet?

Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash


When the weather's getting warmer and you are looking forward to the new season, it is easy to forget that your car needs some spring cleaning and maintenance in order to run its best. We often like to think that the things that need spring cleaning the most are our homes, but our cars are an investment, just like our homes.


Cars are machines susceptible to the harsh weather conditions that might have arisen after the winter. Many car owners forget to inspect their car when spring approaches because your car sometimes doesn't properly alert you about what's going on under the hood. We are here to help, and by following these tips, your car will be ready for the fun that spring brings!


  • Get your battery tested: Most often, after a harsh winter season, your car's battery can experience unusual drainage. This drainage can happen because your car puts in extra work for you during the winter without you realizing it. The battery in your vehicle is extremely important because it provides power to all the onboard electrical systems. If your car's battery is not up to par, it can leave you stranded, and nobody wants that!

  • Wash your car: Washing your vehicle is a simple but effective way to prepare it for spring. Washing and or detailing your car can get rid of nasty road salts and other winter elements that could deteriorate your vehicle. Additionally, having your vehicle cleaned will make it much easier to inspect later on!

  • Check your car's tires: During the springtime, it is recommended that you get your tires checked because of the upcoming warmer temperature. Getting your tire pressure and tire thread is your best bet after a winter season as they can quickly go unchecked or missed. Depending on what your mechanic tells you, you might need a new set of wheels to start the year off strong.

  • Inspect your fluids: Often, when our cars fluids are low, our cars fail to let us know. This is why we recommend that you get your car's transmission, brake, power steering, and windshield wiper fluids checked. We find that it is unlikely that all your car's fluids are low, but it is an excellent preventive measure to keep track to save you money in the long run.

Spring is the time of year full of new beginnings and adventure. We often think of spring cleaning our belongings, but it is easy to forget about our cars. We believe in preventive maintenance to keep your vehicle in its top performance. We here at The Auto Shop invite you to make a reservation with our team for a complete safety inspection. The Auto Shop is located at 612 Missouri Boulevard Court, Jefferson City, MO, 65109, and our business hours are Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM. For payments, we accept cash, personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover. And don't forget to Like us on Facebook! We look forward to seeing you soon!