Reflecting On Labor Day and Gratitude Toward Those Who Never Stop Working

Photo by Lucas Sankey on Unsplash

Reflecting On Labor Day and Gratitude Toward Those Who Never Stop Working

We know: sometimes, it’s hard to get out of bed and make that commute to work. However, Labor Day reminds us how working together as a community makes the dream work. Each of us has a vital role in our world, and with dedication and hard work, we all make a difference in the lives of others. This Labor Day, all of us here at The Auto Shop in Jefferson City are thinking mainly about all the fantastic truck drivers who don’t get a 3-day weekend, essential workers who helped us through the pandemic, and our terrific staff. 


Labor Day teaches us that we are all workers—whether you're then CEO or janitor or intern or trainee or middle management—and no one should be left behind when it comes to employment or career advancement opportunities. In honor of this day, here are three things we will reflect on as we celebrate Labor Day. 

"Look at your work, not at your hands."

When you're working hard, it can be easy to focus on the things that aren't going well. It's easy to think, "I haven't been productive enough" or "I'm not getting anywhere." But if you look at your work and consider what you've accomplished so far, those negative thoughts will start to fade away. You'll realize that those things don't matter as much as your progress toward your goal.


The lesson here is simple: Don’t let setbacks get in your way—they just mean it’s time for some adjustments! Chances are good that every outstanding achievement has made its own mistakes along the way. So don’t allow setbacks or disappointments to define how successful or happy you feel about something; instead, focus on all the good stuff and learn from any mistakes along the way! 

Working with a team is more beneficial than challenging, but things will still be challenging sometimes. Make sure everyone understands each other's jobs, and be patient when things take time to learn.

One of the most important parts of teamwork is communication. I find that it’s important for everyone to understand what everyone else is doing–it gives everyone more sympathy, empathy, and understanding when things get stressful. 


If you don't know what someone else is doing, ask! Don't do their job for them because you've done it before and think you could do better; instead, let them explain what they're doing and how they want it done. The more patient you are with yourself and others during this process, the better off everyone will be in the long run.


Teamwork makes the dream work, and we see that daily here at The Auto Shop!

We all need and deserve a vacation every once and a while. 

Working hard is a reason to celebrate, but the most important thing is knowing when to take time off and enjoy life. Don't forget about yourself or the people around you! The world needs people who can balance work and play well enough so that everyone has something to contribute in their own way.

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