Join The Auto Shop in September to Prepare for Brakes for Breasts in October!

Join The Auto Shop in September to Prepare for Brakes for Breasts in October!

As September begins, we are gearing up for an essential and impactful event at The Auto Shop in Jefferson City, Missouri. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is just around the corner, and we are excited to participate again in the Brakes for Breasts campaign. We believe in the power of community, and with your support, we can make a significant difference in the fight against breast cancer. Let's unite and pave the way for a brighter, healthier future.

The Brakes for Breasts Campaign

If you haven't heard about Brakes for Breasts, let us tell you about this remarkable cause. Brakes for Breasts is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for breast cancer research with a unique approach. 


The impact of the Brakes for Breasts campaign goes beyond the monetary donations. Dr. Tuohy at the Cleveland Clinic has developed a vaccine that has shown promise in preventing breast cancer in laboratory animals. This vaccine can potentially be a game-changer in the fight against breast cancer, just like vaccines have eradicated diseases like Polio in the past. By participating in this campaign, you support research financially and contribute to the hope of a world free from breast cancer. 


Recently, Dr. Tuohy passed away. The Cleveland Clinic is continuing his work and fighting even harder to ensure his life goal is achieved! The second phase of this research started a few months ago, and the results have been hopeful. 

What Brakes For Breasts Looks Like At The Auto Shop

As September sets the stage for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, The Auto Shop is ready and committed to making a difference in the fight against breast cancer. With your support, we can surpass our fundraising goal and take another step towards a future free from this devastating disease. 


Throughout the month of October, we will be offering FREE premium-grade brake pads or shoes for your vehicle. All you need to cover is the labor and any additional necessary parts. As a part of this campaign, 10% of the proceeds from the brake services will be donated to the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Fund.

Need Support Before October? Come Give Us A Visit!

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