It's Time To Winterize Your Car

Photo by Jody Confer on Unsplash

It's Time To Winterize Your Car 

The winter season is upon us; for many, it's time to get our cars ready for the cold weather. Winterizing your car is a critical mission, but it doesn't have to be significant or stressful! Come into The Auto Shop in Jefferson City for some winterization assistance. We are the only ASE Certified shop within a hundred miles! Below, we give some of our top tips for winterizing your vehicle. 

Consider A Tire Change

If you haven't already, consider changing your tires. Tires need to be in good shape for winter and should be rotated every 5,000 miles or so. Double-check tread depth, but come in and see us regardless if your gut tells you it's time. 


It would help if you had good traction when the ice and snow come out to play, and this might mean a new set of all-season or snow tires, depending on your drive frequency. It's also a good idea to consider replacing any used tires with new ones if you want peace of mind during those cold Missouri winters!

Check Your Battery

If your car has a battery, it should be checked to ensure it's charged and working correctly. To do this, check your battery’s charge using a voltmeter or multimeter (or, if you don’t have one, come see us, and we’ll perform a Diagnostic Vehicle Inspection to catch it all!).

Next, visually inspect the terminals on your vehicle's battery for corrosion build-up or any other issues which could cause problems down the line. Rusting can also be expected here in the Midwest because of how humid it gets in the summer. 

Keep An Emergency Kit In The Car

An emergency kit is a must-have for any car, but this is especially true in the winter. It should include the following items:

  • Emergency Road Service Card (or phone number)
  • Tire Pressure Gauge
  • Jumper Cables and/or Battery Charger (make sure it matches your car's battery)
  • Flashlight with batteries or Wind Up Flashlight (make sure it works!)
  • First aid kit
  • Water 

It is also essential to have an ice scraper, blanket, gloves, and boots in your car during winter. Having these items on hand can mean the difference between being safe and warm or suffering from frostbite while stranded on the side of the road! Keep these things stored safely in your trunk so that you can quickly access them if needed. You never know when you might need them!

Winterizing your car is the best way to ensure you are safe this winter.

The best way to ensure you are safe this winter is to winterize your car. Winterizing your car will help avoid accidents, breakdowns, and getting stranded in the cold. You mustn't wait until it's too late. We hope these tips help you be prepared for anything this winter!


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