Driving With Bad Brakes is SCARY!

Driving With Bad Brakes is SCARY!

Happy Halloween month, all! 

This month at The Auto Shop in Jefferson City, we’ve got more than spooky season on our mind. We are also participating in Brakes for Breasts! Brakes for Breasts is an incredible organization supporting auto repair businesses in spreading the word about Breast Cancer and screenings while helping you save some money by providing great discounts. 

Throughout October, we will offer FREE premium-grade brake pads or shoes for your vehicle. All you need to cover is the labor and any additional necessary parts. As a part of this campaign, 10% of the proceeds from the brake services will be donated to the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Fund.

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Surely now would be a great time to get your brakes down at The Auto Shop, but sometimes brakes are the least of our vehicle worries. This article will explore why driving with bad brakes is the scariest thing possible this Halloween, the importance of well-maintained brakes, and the warning signs of brake trouble.

The Role of Brakes in Your Safety

Your car's brakes are more than just a mechanism to slow down or stop your vehicle; they are a critical component ensuring you can navigate the roads confidently and in control.

When you step on the brake pedal, a series of actions occur that ultimately bring your vehicle to a halt. This process involves converting kinetic energy into heat energy, which the brake pads and rotors absorb. Over time, this friction leads to wear and tear, which is why regular brake maintenance is essential.

The Warning Signs

Driving with compromised brakes not only jeopardizes your safety but also the safety of those around you. Here are some warning signs that indicate it's time to have your brakes inspected and serviced by professionals:

  • Strange Noises: Squealing, grinding, or metallic noises when applying the brakes can indicate that your brake pads are worn down and need replacement.

  • Vibrations: If you feel vibrations or pulsations when braking, it could indicate warped brake rotors. This can affect your ability to stop effectively.

  • Soft Brake Pedal: A brake pedal that sinks to the floor or feels soft when pressed indicates a potential issue with the braking system's hydraulic components.

  • Warning Lights: Modern vehicles have dashboard warning lights illuminating when the braking system malfunctions. Pay attention to these indicators.

  • Pulling to One Side: If your car pulls to one side when you apply the brakes, it could be a sign of uneven brake pad wear or brake fluid problems.

  • Burning Smell: A strong burning odor after braking can indicate overheated brake components, which need immediate attention.

The Dangers of Ignoring Brake Issues

Driving with bad brakes is more than just discomfort – it's a hazard that can lead to accidents and life-threatening situations. 


Imagine the scenario: you're cruising down the highway, and suddenly, the traffic ahead comes to a halt. Press the brake pedal, but your car doesn't respond as expected. Panic sets in, and you frantically pump the brakes, hoping they'll engage. The heart-pounding fear that grips you at that moment is a situation no driver should face.


Neglecting brake issues can reduce stopping power, longer braking distances, and compromise control. It's a gamble with dire consequences. However, when you address brake problems promptly, you're protecting yourself and contributing to safer roads for everyone.

Visit The Auto Shop To Get Your Brakes in Perfect Condition!

Driving with bad brakes is a frightening experience that no one should endure. Your safety and the safety of others on the road depend on the reliability of your vehicle's braking system. If you observe any warning signs of brake trouble, contact us at The Auto Shop in Jefferson City, MO. Our expertise, dedication, and commitment to excellence make us the trusted choice for all your brake-related needs. 

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