Cool Car Startups That Are Changing The Narrative

Photo by Joe Nomias on pixabay

Cool Car Startups That Are Changing the Narrative 

The term “startup” has become buzz-worthy, especially as more and more tech startups break through the beginning stages of their new businesses and gain popularity. Many may know a person working at a startup or even someone crowdsourcing and fundraising for their own. But did you know that there are startup companies out there for vehicles?


When we think about big names in the automotive industry, many of us jump to our favorite type of vehicle or our favorite car commercials. Even gear heads might have five or six classic vehicle brands that come to mind, but most of these will be pretty mainstream. What you may not know is the big names in 2022 for automotive start up’s, like:


Rivian. An electric vehicle company headquartered in Irvine, California, these vehicles have quite a unique look. Take a look at their EV truck!

Canoo. Speaking of unique looks, the Canoo electric vehicles from Torrance, CA, look like something out of a futuristic film. Watch this video from Jay Leno’s garage!

Aptera. These vehicles are the world's first powered by solar. And we aren’t exaggerating or dramatizing when we say they look like spaceships! Check out this video of an Aptera car.

Bollinger. The Bollinger models look like muscled-up Jeeps with a bit of futuristic flair. They were dreamed up in Oak Park, Michigan. These vehicles are some of the first all-electric trucks powerful enough to be deemed a “work truck”! Learn more about them here

Though it’s always hard to tell how far a startup will go, these electrical vehicles all look pretty promising. If nothing else, it’s cool to see what the future of vehicles may look like or be inspired by!

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