Exhaust / Mufflers

If your car's exhaust starts smelling bad or if your muffler is no longer muffling the sound of your engine, we invite you to see us at The Auto Shop in Jefferson City. Our top-notch auto mechanics team is happy to provide you with service and auto repair that addresses all levels of emissions concerns.

Exhaust and muffler systems help your vehicle remain socially acceptable when they do their job. Protecting the climate is a hot topic around the country and Jefferson City. If you want to do your part to protect Mother Nature, let us help your vehicle comply with Missouri's regulations around air quality and noise level standards. If your car is spewing oily exhaust or if rust has eroded your muffler, The Auto Shop auto mechanics will be happy to help. We will provide you with digital visual vehicle health reports that show you which parts of your exhaust and muffler systems need to be repaired or replaced.

At The Auto Shop, we also care deeply about our planet and how we can make the world a better place, one auto repair at a time. That is why several auto repair team members are hybrid vehicle certified and study the ever-evolving automotive technology that goes into the cars we service. Our clients know that we pour love into everything we do, including exhaust system and muffler repair. That is why we are thrilled when we earn great reviews like this from our Jefferson City neighbors:

"The people here are very friendly and very helpful offering extra services when needed. They provide snacks and beverages in the waiting room, rides to and from home if needed, and a free gift at the end of the services that they provide. Loved it there!" -- Gayle B.

When your vehicle needs exhaust repair and muffler replacement, we encourage you to make a reservation. You'll find The Auto Shop at 612 Missouri Boulevard Court, Jefferson City, MO, 65109. Business hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM. If you ever heard our radio jingle from years past, "You Auto-know, and you always will. That's The Auto Shop guarantee!" We look forward to taking great care of you and your vehicle soon!